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Airline Preparation Course

The Airline Preparation Course is available for €6.360,- excluding 21% VAT
This saves you nearly 10% from the modular approach!

Please inform us about the Course Starting dates or an orientational meeting via:

Simulator Sessions are available from two hours, one-hour briefing, and a one-hour debriefing. The costs are €172,50EUR per hour excluding 21% VAT, this can be divided among a maximum of 3 crew members.

The Modules

Intake Assessment:

This day is the first evaluation of your current Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. By means of an extensive self-scan, practical exercises and a simulator grading, to indicate your areas of improvement to achieve “Airline Readiness”.

Single Module cost: 750,-

Aircraft Systems Technical Training

Home-study followed by a 2-day classroom course to understand the aircraft systems and SOPs. Completing the Aircraft Systems Technical Training will give you a head-start during the Type Qualification Course at any Airline.

Single Module cost: 650,-

Crew Resource Management Training

This two-day classroom training has the objective to enhance your communication and management skills. The emphasis is placed on the non-technical aspect of flight crew performance, and the 8 IATA Core Competencies.

Single Module cost: 750,-

MCC / JOC Refresher Training

This 6 session, 24-hour simulator training will reinforce your understanding of the MCC / JOC Course. It will also include an introduction to Upset Recovery Training which will aid you in awareness, recognition and prevention of loss of control, and recovery to a desired aircraft state.

Single Module cost: 1.950,-

Airline Oriented Training:

This one-day classroom training creates an understanding of the context and operational, economical, managerial and safety environment of an Airline pilot and Airline operations.

Single Module cost:

Line Oriented Flight Training and Evaluation:

This 4 session, 16-hour scenario based training is a consolidation of the Knowledge, Skill and Attitude acquired in the previous Modules. Competency Based Training and Evaluation will be used.

Single Module cost: 1.300,-

Interview Training:

This one day training will create a full understanding of the airline screening and selection process. It will increase self-awareness and self-confidence, and insight in how to fully prepare for any Airline Interview.

Single Module cost: 

Airline Readiness Assessment:

Concluding the Airline Preparation Course with another Airline Readiness Assessment will indicate your improvement during the training. It is the final step in evaluating your improved Knowledge, Skill and Attitude within the learned Core Competencies.

Single Module cost:

Single session

The Single Sessions are a great way to maintain your Airline Readiness. Due to our flexible team of instructors it is possible to use the Single Session for:

·         Grading Preparation
·         LPC Preparation
·         Recurrent Training

Please ensure that you inform us about the airport you would like to use during your training on a 2-week notice period before your session start.

The Single Sessions costs are €86,25 per hour per person, based on a standard crew of 2 pilots, excluding 21% VAT. There is a minimum of 2 hours required to book the simulator.

The Simulator

All Simulator Training will be performed on a Level 1 Certified Fixed Base Boeing 737-800NG FTD it is the highest possible FTD – Fixed Base Simulator certification and enables you to write the flown hours in your logbook.