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Pilots4pilots mission statement

“Offer an affordable training solution for Graduated Pilots, to keep all their required skills current and ready for the improving Aviation market.”

Did you know...

95% of the Pilots4Pilots graduates successfully complete their airline grading?

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What we do

After some difficult years the Aviation Market is finally improving, so this is the moment to enhance your skills beyond the international competition. We offer efficient Simulator Training for Grading Preparation, Skill Refreshment or Type-Rating/LPC Preparation. Our instruction team consists of enthusiastic and professional Airline Pilots, mostly TRI/TRE, who offer their knowledge for a competitive price. Our instructors are actively flying at a variety of airlines; it is precisely this diversity that makes it possible to train you optimally for a specified airline. With our proven track-record of over 95% of successful applicants, Pilots4Pilots is committed to continuous quality improvement. In line with continuous improvement we keep developing efficient Simulator Training Courses, including the newest Evidence Based Training during Line Oriented Flight Training, and continuous after-care programs we keep our clients up-to-date and more than ready for the job. We also offer the possibility of customized Training Courses, these Courses are made specifically for you, fully focusing on your wishes and training requirements.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Training Centre,

The Pilots4Pilots Team.

Did you know...

our instructors, mostly TRI/TRE, offer their services for a reduced price?

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